Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics РIn very simplistic words, Digital Marketing is the art referred to promoting your products or services using digital prophets. 

Today we have the advantage of technology in our hands thus we have the convenience of telling people around the globe about the product we serve and the services we provide. Marketing tactics that include reaching out to the target customers through mobile phones, internet and social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc).

Digital Marketing Basics
Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics

Ever encountered an ad on Instagram selling you a course that you been searching over the internet lately or a product you’ve been checking out? Yes, that’s what we are talking about here.

 What are some basic strategies of Digital Marketing?

1.) Your Website

Remember your website is what represents your business. It should be appealing, clean, it should be structured properly, it should be easy to use and of course, the minor details matter from the color contrast, font style, size, and graphical effects they are the factors that have a significant impact on the audience of your brand.

It’s a point worth putting stress upon. Apple becomes what it is right now by paying attention to its user interface and making it user-friendly.

2.) Social Media Marketing

The next step could easily be Social Media Marketing. As the words suggest social media platforms are used for such kind of marketing. The greatest advantage of social media marketing is you can choose your targeting audience.

Digital Marketing Basics
Digital Marketing Basics

Having a Facebook page certainly helps. That way you’re more discoverable more noticeable to the people you to buy your products

3.) Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Suppose you want to do an online sale of your product. You happened to make a perfect website for it but you want your website to be visible when someone of your audience enters your targeted keywords. Take keywords that describe your site the best and use them in your URL.

To increase the relevancy of your website, use consolidate your main keyword in the title tag which is actually a hyperlink to your website. Google search is based on Page Algorithm which actually shows relevance to those sites has more link to it so adding more links will give your website some highlights.

4.) Pay Per Click Advertisements

PPC is a form of advertising that is used to bring visitors to your website by using search ads for which you only pay for when someone clicks through.

For example, if you searched for a shirt lets say then on the top right corner you might see Amazons ad trying to sell you a shirt, or any other shopping site that’s a PPC ad for which amazon has to pay a few bucks probably $2-3 is user clicked on it.

They are cost less and promise you an interested audience to buy your product. In that way, PPC ads are really effective. So these were some of the key points you’ll need to know just for the Digital Marketing Basics.


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