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CEO of Facebook

CEO of Facebook – The CEO of ad agency, Initiative, Mr. Mat Baxter expressed his concern or rather gave out a decision on LinkedIn where he said that the behavior of Facebook was egregious over the user data scandal that happened. He was also advising his clients to stay away from the platform and not use the ad platform of Facebook. He is in fact one of the first major ad executives who said something like this to not do. 

CEO of Facebook

A lot of people agreed to what he said and a lot of people thought not branding or advertising a brand on Facebook would just be detrimental. The whole issue was about the Facebook sharing or leaking the data saved from the user’s usage of Facebook that didn’t go extremely well with Mr. Baxter. He took a strong stand against it. 

One of the biggest responses from the marketers was by Weintraub who said “Decisions as to our media spend mix and Facebook have only to do with likely marketing results.”

The VP of e commerce at the Integer group in Dallas, Mr. Tony Veere said that it was good that someone was taking their stand and not going with the flow. But, he also said that the company should do whatever is best for their clients and the company has to stand responsible for it. 

CEO of Facebook

CEO of Facebook
CEO of Facebook

The response that Facebook had to give in this scenario was “Every day we work hand in hand with our advertising partners to help them grow their businesses and better serve their customers. We have a strong partnership with IPG agencies around the world and look forward to that continuing for years to come.”

This response was given by Carolyn Everson who is the Facebook VP of global marketing solutions. He told that the wall street journal facebook was focused on educating the users about the privacy options. 

The Facebook director of developer platforms and programmed said this on the whole banter “To be clear: none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people’s permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC,” 


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