Case Study on Marketing

Case Study on Marketing

Case Study on Marketing – Marketing is the core of a brand. If there is anything that can take your brand to the sky high levels then that has to be effective and intelligent marketing.

No doubt that marketing does involve a lot of money depending upon the size and the needs of your brand but not all is the play of the money. It is a collective result of a team work that designs an effective marketing plan keeping in mind the target audience of the brand and their needs. 

Case Study on Marketing
Case Study on Marketing

Here are some of the case studies on marketing that will show some success rates. 

#1 Case study on marketing and optimizing the photos

Each and every photo that you use in your website or blog has to have exact and interactive alternative tags to it. Just filling the photos with the keywords isn’t going to help rank better. So, write a good description or a good phrase about the photo. Photos help in Google ranking tool. So, optimist your photos well. 

#2 The 4 hour workweek case study

The 4 hour work week is a very popular book that ranked high in the best selling list just because of the name. The author came up with this title using the Google ad words wherein he creates campaigns for 6 different titles and the title with the best CTR was the winner. This shows how important titles can be for your website. 

#3 Halo effect on the organic research

So, when someone mentions about a brand or anything online, he needs to add the link too so that people can directly visit the page. We always assume that no one has the time or interest to search the brand by typing the name. But, this can be proved wrong a lot of time.

Case Study on Marketing
Case Study on Marketing

Once Selena Gomez mentioned a business on Twitter without actually giving out the link and the result of it was that about millions of people searched about the brand which led to a huge boost in organic traffic. The brand related keyword searches was extremely high and this is called the halo effect. 


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