By Google Translate

By Google Translate

By Google Translate – Google translate is one of the coolest features of Google to help people worldwide. One of the most common barriers that we face are the language barriers. In India, the language changes with the change of each state.

There are so many regional languages in India and it becomes difficult to travel and explore the place when you have little or no knowledge of all the languages spoken in different parts of the country. Also, travelling abroad to various other countries becomes a problem when English is not the preferred language spoken there.

And in many countries like Thailand, English is not the first preferred language. And if you don’t know the Thai language then it becomes extremely difficult for you to travel in the city without proper communication. 

By Google Translate

By Google Translate
By Google Translate

To ease the problems of communication, Google is here with the feature of Google Translate. It is the best translator in today’s time where all you have to do is enter the words or phrases and the translation would be done. It can translate any language to any language under just a few minutes.

By Google Translate – It is not like any other dictionary that has enough saved translations of words. But, this one is a whole new world where you can translate and understand the meaning of any word or sentence in your preferred language.

Through the Google translate you either have to type in the sentence or the word or you can speak, Google will check the entire internet to find out the meaning of your query in your language and send it to you. There are billions of expertly translated documents on the internet through which the information is extracted. 

In professional words, this one is multilingual machine translation service. It can be accessed on the website interface, Android, iOS, and mobile apps. There are 100 languages supported on Google Translate at various levels. The Google Translate was launched in April 2006. 

By Google Translate – While doing the translation, the Google Translate looks for patterns in millions and millions of documents to decide which words to choose and find ways on how to arrange them in the target language. 

By Google Translate

By Google Translate
By Google Translate

From November 2016, the Google Translate switched to Google Neural Machine Translation. This is an upgraded version that translates the entire sentence in just one go. It does not translate piece by piece.

This one is more like a human speaking rather than machine working out there. As of in 2019, the Google Neural Machine Translation can translate in 103 languages. In 2016, it was enabled with a very few languages but this was a drastic improvement of addition till 2019. 

By Google Translate – Google Translate is mostly correct and totally apt. It has a level of accuracy but there are times when it can be wrong too and that is a warning sign from Google. You must use it with a bit of caution everywhere. 

You can follow these steps to find out how to use the Google Translate. 

  1. Open a web browser to visit the Google chrome and go to You can start your search and the translate query from here. You also don’t need an account for this one on Google. You can use it for free without any account. 
  2. On the left hand side, you can see the language options from where you want to translate. There will be the buttons of the three popular languages. But, you can also choose from the drop down list of the language options there. 
  3. There is a text box on the left, you just have to type in the text in the form of the words, sentence, or phrase that you would want to translate. For example, you have to translate a Thai word and know its meaning, then you have to type that Thai word here. 
  4. Then on the right side, there is an option to choose the language in which you would want to translate the text to. If you would want to translate that Thai word to English, select English from here.  
  5. Now simply translate. Here you will get the translated meaning of the word you entered. 

The features that it allows are website translation, written text translation, speech translation, document translation, mobile app translation, speech translation, and handwritten translation. 


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