Business Ideas in India for Beginners

Business Ideas in India for Beginners

Business Ideas in India for Beginners – The idea of doing a business is never going to get old. Especially in this age of digital world where there are so many businesses earning good income online, there are budding entrepreneurs coming in the scenario almost everyday.

If you are one of those who wants to start a business in India but have no idea what business to start in low capital, here we are to help you with that. Let us talk about the best business ideas in India for beginners. 

Business Ideas in India for Beginners
Business Ideas in India for Beginners

Business Ideas in India for Beginners


#1 Freelancing


The best business ideas in India for beginners in 2020 begins with the freelancing work. Find out what you love doing the most and do not get a full time job for it. Instead, be your own boss in the field by being a freelancer. Work with different brands, try out new things, work on different projects, and set your fixed rate. You get to work on your terms and get ahead in life. 


#2 Affiliate Marketing 


The business is not going to be easy but if you start with some easy business ideas like affiliate marketing, it can lower down enough of your burden till you get comfortable. Affiliate marketing is working for a brand to promote its products and sell it from your side. In the process, you get some commission with every sale that comes from your side. In social media, this work is easy enough. 


#3 Food Business


In India, you can never go wrong with the food business. Be it starting out a food truck, a full fledged restaurant, a pop up food store, an online food startup, etc all the things are going to work. You just have to make things for your audience convenient, provide food of utmost quality, and be different from others. You could need a little more investment for this business though. 


#4 Styling 


Styling can be fashion styling, photography styling, food styling, cafe styling, or any kind of styling! The idea of making things appealing for photo shoot or just for aesthetics is called styling. All the celebrities have fashion stylists for their personal appearance, so this is also an idea freelance job where in you could work for influences for the beginning. 


#5 Digital Marketing 


What better work than digital marketing in the age of digital world, right? Every other brand, big or small, has their digital presence in some way and all of them need help to grow. Here comes the role of the digital marketers to help these brands make their presence available on social media. Doing a course on the same is great but not mandatory if you have interest and knowledge of the digital marketing genre. 


#6 Blogging 


One of the fastest growing businesses in India for millennial is blogging. The blogging industry has expanded immensely in the last three years in various niche like fashion, food, lifestyle, automobiles, creativity, and whatnot! It doesn’t ensure money from the very first day but working constantly on it, makes it possible one day and keeps increasing thereafter. 


#7 Courier Business


Taking a franchise of a courier as a partnership is again a very convenient business idea to begin with in India. Every city needs a courier partner for the big giants and all thanks to the online shopping these days that have made the courier businesses grow to the next level. You could start this business in a very small space with a limited budget by employing 2 people from the start. 


#8 Cookery Classes


If you have talent there is no dearth of money flowing in! For the people who love cooking and spend most of their cooking or baking, they could start their cooker class. In this age, the best way to start a class is on the YouTube channel. YouTube also helps you to get money and fame at the same time. You just need a space and your mobile phone to start this business. You can then also start with your workshops. 


#9 Photography 


And one of the best business ideas in India for beginners is photography. It is the age of photographs and people love to take photographs on all occasions.

Business Ideas in India for Beginners – You can make good use of it, and earn some bucks through this. With the increase in the influence business today, the increased demand of photography is also on the next level. You can schedule various shoots in one day and earn from Rs 5000 to limitless in one day. It all depends on your efficiency. 

Business Ideas in India for Beginners
Business Ideas in India for Beginners

Business Ideas in India for Beginners – Just one thing to keep here in note that you must be different from others while starting a business. This is because if you aren’t different from others, no one is going to notice and your business is not going to be a hit. It is more about the smart work rather than the hard work, these days. 


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