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Brands Logo

Brands Logo – This is part II of our brands and the stories behind their logos. In part I we told you how the biggest of the brands have designed their logos with a secret or a relocatable story behind them. And in this part, we are sharing the same with some more brand logo and their stories. 

P.S – Most of the brands in the world, whether big or small have their logos with some story behind them.

Brands Logo

Brands Logo
Brands Logo

Brands Logo

#1 Beats

The beats earphones have a logo of a red circle with a ‘b’ written on it in a blank space. But, actually it is a representation of a person wearing those Beats earphones. 

#2 Coca Cola

In the design of the Coca Cola logo, the negative distance between O and L shows the Danish flag. This was very useful for the company to market themselves in Denmark.

#3 Formula 1

Formula 1 is commonly called as F1. In their logo, they have F written in black and red mark on the other side shows the speed which is significant to formula 1. Now, where does 1 come from in the F1 logo? The distance between the black F and red speed design is where I is placed in the blank area. Take a closer look in between. 

#4 LG

LG or life’s good brand has a typical logo of LG written but the hidden thing is that the entire logo is the human face. L is the nose of the person and G is the entire face with the dot representing the eyes. 

#5 Gillette

The font of G and I used in the logo of Gillette is very sharply cut out that shows the precision of the Gillete razors in real life. 

#6 Vaio

The Sony Vaio laptop range has a very unique and intelligent logo. The VA of the logo is designed to look like an analogue signal. The IO represents the number 1 and 0 and that represents the digital signal. 

#7 Cisco

It is a company founded in San Francisco that explains the name and the logo as well. The blue lines of the logo show the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco. 

Brands Logo
Brands Logo


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