Brand Logos

Brand Logos

Brand Logos – If we are told to give names for 100 brands from any niche, we would hardly take a minute to name tonnes of those. We remember the brand names so easily if they are easy to remember and catchy.

We also tend to remember the taglines of the brands if they are easy and catchy. But, hardly do we know that tonnes or almost all the brands out there have some secret messages behind their names. Let us decode some of the biggest and common brands that we know and the message their brand logos and names. 

Brand Logos

Brand Logos
Brand Logos

#1 Pinterest

The aim of Pinterest is to pin the pictures of personal interest. This is the reason behind the name with the pin logo designed around the letter P. 

#2 FedEx

FedEx is known for their speed and timing. These have logotype by hiding an arrow between their letters e and x. 

#3 Amazon

There is a yellow arrow under the Amazon word in the Amazon logo from the word A to the word Z. This indicates that Amazon has everything in their website from A to Z. 

#4 Toblerone

It is a brand of Bern in Switzerland which is the city of bears. The logo of Toblerone has a hidden bear in their logo that is also tough to find. 

#5 Baskin Robbins

The ice cream company sells only 31 flavours of ice cream and their logo of BR in the middle shows 31 in pink. 

#6 Unilever

The logo of Unilever is a capital U that has enough random creatures into it. But each of the random pictures in that U represents the business done by Unilever. There is an icon of lips for beauty and taste. 

#7 BMW

The logo of BMW has a background of aviation. The white sections represent the moving propeller and the blue shows the sky. 

#8 NBC

The logo of NBC is a colourful peacock with the white left over part in the middle as the body of the peacock with colourful feathers. By this they show that they are proud of what they broadcast. 

Brand Logos
Brand Logos


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