Blogging on WordPress

Blogging on WordPress

Blogging on WordPress – Starting a blog on WordPress is one of the easiest things to do. It is also one of the most creative things to do out there. If you are really passionate about blogging then make sure to go ahead with it and create good content.

If done correctly you could monetize your blogs and earn money out of it. And there is no limit to how much you can make from your blogs with quality content, good marketing skills, and target audience. 

Here we explain you how to create a blog on wordpress and monetize it. 

Blogging on WordPress
Blogging on WordPress

#1 Blogging Topics

Blogging on wordpress can be of anything and everything. But, you need to stick to some topics so that your user knows what kind of content they will get from you. You could categories more than one topic but don’t be everywhere and stick to some related topics of your interest. This is how you will make an audience niche. 

#2 Get a Domain Name for your blog

Once you finalist the niche of your blog, you got to choose a domain name for it. Domain name is going to be your website name for ever. So, choose it according to your preference and its relation to the niche of the articles that you will publish. Choose an easy name to remember and something easy to pronounce as well. You can check the whole details online about how to choose the best domain name. 

#3 Host your Blog

You will have to get your website host. Hosting of the website means allowing your blog to be accessed through the internet by other users. If you don’t have a web hosting and a domain then your blog wouldn’t be seen online and it will not get any traffic. You will have to pay for web hosting. 

#4 Choose a Blog Platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms but blogging on wordpress is easy and very much user friendly. So, we would suggest you to go ahead with it. It is a downloadable website and is also self-hosted. 

Blogging on WordPress
Blogging on WordPress


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