Blogging How to Start

Blogging How to Start

Blogging How to Start – A blogger is someone who writes blogs. Blog is an online article that gets published on the websites. The bloggers work hard to create blogs and then to market them. The worry of the views is always the question.

But, have you wondered why the bloggers worry about getting views on their blogs? Well, in this digitally dominated world, you already know that views means per click on the blogs and that means each click paying to the blogger. 

Monetizing the blog is very important otherwise you won’t make money out of it. 

Blogging How to Start

Blogging How to Start
Blogging How to Start

Blogging How to Start

#1 Find the ideas and topics that interest you

Create a blog that interest you and nothing else. If you have no knowledge in tech but you see that it is trending, don’t go for it, you will never be able to make justice to it. Do a keyword research for that topic and find out what is trending there. 

#2 Find a name for your blog and get web hosting

Think about the name and finalise the one that you like the most and would not get bored of it and also it should be relevant to your blog. Find the web hosting for it, purchase it and start with having a blog. 

#3 Install a blogging software

You need to have a blogging software to publish your articles and create blogs. WordPress is the best and the most user friendly software so install that and create an account on it. 

#4 Design your website on WordPress

There are a lot of free templates available on WordPress from which you need to choose any template. This template is the way how your website will look finally. Design it properly and make it attractive and interactive. 

#5 Customize and Optimize your WordPress Blog

Use plugins, contact forms and customize your theme on WordPress. Write your blog and save it in drafts. Now optimize it with correct SEO, add your info, and do all the technical things and finally publish your blog. 

Blogging How to Start
Blogging How to Start

#6 Think about more topics and create brainstorming sessions for later

There are limited topics present out there to create your next blog. So, see how your this blog has performed and then go ahead to do some brainstorming session for your next blog. 


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