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Bloggers Post – One common place we all create our content as individuals, brands, or companies is on our own website. If we have regular visitors and readers on our website, we are pretty sure that enough of our visitors will come to our website, check the blog, and have a good time reading it. But, this is limited.

Only the people who have either subscribed to the newsletter of your website, or visit it regularly, or care about and remember to check your blog when you schedule it, or check the mails send by you are going to come and visit your blog. And out of all these people there is very little chance that all of them would read your blog.

So, the whole point of this is that just creating a blog and publishing on your website isn’t enough to bring traffic to it. You don’t want to limit your blog reach just to the regular people. You always want to have new people or new readers for your blog. 

Bloggers Post

Bloggers Post
Bloggers Post

For that, it is essential to market your blog and the simplest way for it is to publish your blogs on other platforms to bring more audience. 

Bloggers Post :

#1 Social Media

From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, Facebook groups, publish the link of your content everywhere. This is one of the best ways to bring new readers to your blog. Always have some interesting and catchy headlines while publishing. 

#2 LinkedIn

Making connections on LinkedIn is the easiest. Publish your articles on LinkedIn with an informative headline and see the increase in number of views in your blog. You can also target the correct people needed for your website and send them article links privately. 

#3 Reddit

Reddit is a smart way to bring new and interested users to your blog and your article. Reddit has higher reach and if blogs published on it correctly to correct users, you can be greatly benefited. 

#4 Quora

Quora is a platform where millions of users ask questions on a daily basis. You can be intelligent and search for the questions related to your blog and answer those questions along with your blog link. Make sure that it does not look like direct marketing. 

#5 Email

This is an old method but a gold method. Switch to email marketing and send your published blog link to your subscribed users and also to everyone whose email you have collected. They will definitely respond to your blog. 

Bloggers Post
Bloggers Post


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