Blog Readers

Blog Readers

Blog Readers – While we all know that content is the king and audience is the queen, the first thing in our hands to control is the content. Creating kick ass content is something we can do but what if that great piece of content does not reach the correct people.

It is probably the worst thing that can happen to the content. Not getting enough views! The good created content king needs its audience queen to appreciate it and that is how the cycle works. But, the internet comes with a thing called algorithms and a set of rules that need to be worked on too. 

There are some free resources online that can help you to get some blog traffic in form of blog readers. 


Blog Readers

Blog Readers
Blog Readers

#1 Buzzsumo

Through this, you can check what your competitors are doing and what is working for them and you could mimic the same. You can see how your content is working and also measure the content success in terms of social media shares. You need to be on social media to use this tool. 

#2 Grammarly

There is always some its and bits spaces to rectify our grammar and Grammarly is the best for that. Grammarly corrects all the grammar and also helps you to check your content for any kind of plagiarism. 

#3 Readability Test Tool

This tool will help you understand of ease of reading your content. Many times, we use some big and fancy words in our articles to sound stylish but that doesn’t go well with the audience. Everyone wants to read layman English so that everything they read is clear to them. They don’t bother about your English vocab but they want your information to be helpful for them. This tool will help you with that. 

#4 Smart Blogger Headline Hacks

Headline is the most catchy thing of your blog and it is the first thing that brings blog readers. But, at some point we all get stuck to write fancy and click worthy headline. This tool will help you with that with its free headline templates. 

Blog Readers
Blog Readers

#5 Focus Booster

Sitting and writing continuously sounds quite a stressful job. Writing involves focus and enough concentration otherwise you won’t be able to create a masterpiece through your blog for your blog readers. To keep yourself attached to the blog, you need some timelines and a writing schedule. Well, this app can help you with that. 


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