Bing URL Submit

Bing URL Submit

Bing URL Submit – Bing is one of the most powerful search engines worldwide and we cannot stress more on the fact. It is working hard enough to be as great as Google and in most of the areas, it is even better than Google and is proved.

Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft and hence the features and the format of the search engine is quite different from Google. It is just a matter of getting used to otherwise Bing is a great search engine. 

And specifically talking about the URL submit link, Bing URL submit has increased the number of URLs site owners can submit for indexing per day. Currently, site owners can now submit up to 10,000 URLs on Bing per day. These URLs will get crawled and indexed per day. And also there is no limit for the Bing URL submit per month. 


Bing URL Submit

Bing URL Submit
Bing URL Submit

This is a huge turnover because earlier, the Bing users were limited to using only 10 URL per day and 50 URL per month. This was the maximum limit that the site owners could do in Bing. The process of submitting the URLs on Bing is the same by using the Bing webmaster Tools and through the Bing webmaster Tools UPI. 

There are some of the factors decided on the basis of which exact daily quota of URL submissions for a particular site can be done. Those factors are:

  1. Site Impressions
  2. Webmaster Tools
  3. Other signals that are available on Bing
  4. Verified Site age in Bing

To put this into simpler words, more URLs will be able to be submitted on Bing per day if the site has been verified on Bing webmaster tools for a longer time. However, this is not the only quota to keep in mind.

Bing URL Submit
Bing URL Submit

The site owners can very easily check their daily URL quota just by logging into the Bing webmaster Tools and navigating to submitting URLs. Within this category, they can also see the last 1000 URLs submitted by them along with the submission date. 

If anyone needs to submit more than 10000 URLs per day they can contact Bing company and they will adjust the quota as needed and as possible. 


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