Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Bing Ads – One of the most awaited things in the digital marketing domain was the Bing ads targeting LinkedIn to display the ads. Bing planned to reach the LinkedIn users through LinkedIn profile. The idea is to target the LinkedIn profile users through the shopping campaigns, text ads, and the dynamic search ads.

Basically, targeting for search on the Bing network and-and owned or any of the operated sites will be in open beta for all devices. For now, it is closed beta for targeting the Microsoft Audience Network. 

For now, the available LinkedIn profile targeting are:

Number of industries: 145

Number of companies: 80,000

Number of job functions: 26

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Be it the ad group level or the campaign level, the LinkedIn profile targeting can be applied to these. To set the profile targets, bid modifiers can be set for it. For example, increase the bid by 15 percent to reach the Microsoft employees. To start with, add targeting to ad groups and existing campaigns. 

You have to go to the settings of each tab and scroll to campaign/ad group targets, and then edit the target categories. The good part about the Bing add is that it costs a lot less than the Adwords ad. If you have an online business and you would want your brand to make a switch to the Bing, then Bing add could be great enough. 

And even if your business is created using some ads to supplement your Adwords effort, Bing Ads are worth to use. It depends on the language used in the ads where the Bing ads will be displayed. For example, Bings ads in French will be displayed in France only and so on. 

Bing Ads

To advertise on the Bing ads, you have to do the following steps. It is similar to the Google AdWords. It is as simple as Google AdWords in terms of steps. 

  • create an account on Bing ads
  • Choose the basic settings according to your preference 
  • Research your keywords as per the required as 
  • Write your ad
  • Decide on the budget of the ad


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