Best Search Engine

Best Search Engine

Best Search Engine – When we say search engine there is only option that pops in our minds and that is Google. Google is the only search engine for most of us let aside it being the best search engine ever.

But, what if we told you that there are enough search engines that are as good as Google or even better! Read on the blog on believe it. These are some of those search engines that are great alternatives for Google and we actually switch on to these to see the difference and how they help us.

Best Search Engine

Best Search Engine
Best Search Engine

#1 Bing

The experts say that Bing performs better than Google in some aspects. Starting with, Bing has a reward program in which it rewards its users with some points for the search. These points are redeemable at Microsoft and Windows store. The image search option of Bing performs easily across all browsers and not just at Chrome. 


One common place where we all land while searching something is Wikipedia. is a better search engine because it brings all the information from all the wikis on the net. 

#3 Twitter

This isn’t the best search engine across because it is a social media platform but in case of any emergency or any trending thing happening, one can search and get updates with the hashtags. Tweets are very powerful to know about anything that’s happening out there. 

#4 Internet Archive

If you need information from the past with accurate and enough results then the best search engine for it is Internet archive. It has millions of music, free videos, books, software, and documenting material. It is a huge library online from where any information can be taken out. 

Best Search Engine
Best Search Engine

#5 Start Page

So, it is a known fact that Google stores the information of the users and the privacy is a bit at a stake with Google. And if you don’t want this, you can use Start Page which was developed to use the results from Google without saving it. It has a URL generator which is useful enough because it removes the use of cookies. 


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