Best IT Website

Best IT Website

Best IT Website – For the people having online businesses, it is very important to have a business website for them. Websites are the representation of your brand in front of the customers. And website design creates a very impact vision about your business in front of the users.

If your website is attractive, users will spend more time on your website exploring different things. If your website is plain boring then people wouldn’t want to spend enough time on it. Along with making your websites user friendly it also needs to attractive. 

Best IT Website

Best IT Website
Best IT Website

Here are some of the Best IT Website trends that you must follow while creating your website. 

#1 Bringing the organic and oblique shapes

Some of the best websites in the world use organic and oblique shapes having amoebic blobs of colors. The cartoonist background and the dramatic use of the colors make the websites quite more attractive. The flashy colors always have more impact. 

#2 Use of the Illustrations

Illustrations play a very important role in the home page of any website. The images that can do the talking are given priorities these days for the home page designing of the website. Using self speaking images in the center of the home page attracts more user attention. 

#3 Adding Animation to create Interaction

Animations are very powerful as they can create direct attention of the users to the actual content that is the most important for you. Scrolling rates and page transactions are the two significant transaction animation patterns that are in use currently. The designs that highlight the words continuously go straight to the user’s attention. 

#4 Menus that has floating navigation On

The floating navigation menus are the one that are on the top of the page and they float a few centimeters below. It gives users a feeling that navigation is happening throughout the website and makes it livelier. 

#5 Variable Sized Fonts

Previously, the option of using a lot of fonts wasn’t available but now variable sized fonts can be put to use. Apple, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft have come together to create variable sized fonts. A lot can be done with this and enough personification along with customization can be put into the website. 

Best IT Website
Best IT Website


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