Best how to websites

Best how to websites

Best how to websites – Best how to websites simply means those websites that help you with daily problems. We all have daily normal questions related to our life that we need a solution for. We turn to Google these days mostly to find solution for those.

Some of the common problems or common scenarios we are referring to here are things like ‘how to make coffee frothier, or how to lose weight in 10 days, or how to start learning to knit,’ etc.

There are different kinds of websites designed for such queries of the users and they are the how to websites. They also rank in the Google search engine with our normal search query, we don’t have to put anything extra to find answers from these websites. 

Best how to websites
Best how to websites

Some of the best how to websites are:

#1 WikiHow

This is the most common website of this kind that has answers to almost all our questions and often pops at the top of the search engine. It is a collaborative site that allows anyone to submit their articles of their choice. It can be regularly edited and updated as well. It is a fun website with diagrams and texts. 

#2 Instructables

This is one of the best how to websites with 7 categories namely workshop, craft, cooking, circuits, living, teachers, and outside. The projects on the site have different complexity levels and the user can choose to view of their own choice. 

#3 eHow

eHow is somehow similar to Wikihow as they have similar content. The difference here is that eHow has its own team of writers rather than being a public profile forum as WikiHow. This site has 6 categories and they are crafts, food and drink, home décor and repair, fashion and beauty, holidays, and garden.

#4 YouTube 

This is hands down the best how to websites in the world and is actually underrated. We say this because name a problem and search for it on YouTube, you will surely get tonnes of results in video format which is the best. 

Best how to websites
Best how to websites

#5 How to do thing

In this website, there are 18 categories that makes finding of anything the easiest. You just visit this website and search for any topic and you will find a solution to your problem. 


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