What Not to Do in IT Services B2B Sales

B2B Sales

There has been a standard shift in the way people conduct marketing and selling of their products today. Business-to-business sales (B2B) is one of the sales models that entail one business trading products or services to another business.

The model tends to be more strategic since the selling tactics involved usually appeal to a buyer’s rationality.

More studies have shown that B2B sales differ from other transactions in that its contributions have a higher price point, prolonged sales cycle, and requires numerous touch points to close deals.

B2B Sales
B2B Sales

In this kind of business, marketing skills and practices are needed to be extremely strong in order to survive in the competitive market. Currently, this venture is far and wide familiar to many people as nowadays everybody is using the internet.

B2B Sales

In addition, the internet marketing strategy should be included as part of an active marketing plan, because there has to be a prominent scheme to achieve outstanding success.

On the other hand, product knowledge is vital for any sales dealer. For this reason, it is essential to express strong expertise while providing solutions to foster positive customer experience as well as building trust between representatives and prospects.

B2B Sales

Utilization of social media platforms dramatically enhances B2B business as it has become a powerful marketing tool where one can get real followers. Potential clients get attracted to the business quickly; thus, every method of business promotion is crucial for every business. The following are seven signs that indicate one is about to kill the deal:

  1. Chasing Only Enterprise Deals

B2B sales are usually complicated since it involves multiple blind spots that often ambush sales deals. In most cases, businesses struggle to heighten their profits because they waste time chasing after the wrong product and market. Generally, most frontline sales teams tend to sell to enterprises and become the next Salesforce.

B2B Sales
B2B Sales

This practice kills the deal because it tries to prospect to the wrong set of audience within the market. However, starting with server message block sales can be beneficial since clients’ needs are made simpler and more comfortable to satisfy while the cost of customer acquisition is lower.

Through this strategy, enterprise clients enjoy a chance to evaluate a seller business credibility, their growth in the industry, and their product’s competitive advantage.

  • Not Asking the Hard Questions

Mostly, B2B Sales salespeople struggle to ask the right questions because their discovery and demonstration calls are tunnel-visioned. The entire situation limits their motive in finding out if a client is interested in their product. Usually, creating a platform where customers can ask questions and providing feedback is the key to a successful business.

Through this strategy, it is possible for a company to make the necessary adjustments that suit client’s expectations so as to overcome competition. Therefore, every business should aim at establishing reliable and accessible channels of communication to maintain the deal.

  • Overselling the Product

Overselling mostly occurs when sales representatives set overwhelming sales goals along with bad sales ground. Typically, it entails employing numerous extensive tools that provide crushing information to the clients, which deters them from participating in the business.

In the long run, this activity affects the entire business adversely leading to massive losses. For this reason, people involved in sales should be super careful about the kind of marketing strategy they choose to avoid overloading the clients with unnecessary information.

  • Rushing the Prospects

Mainly, the sales cycles in the B2B Sales setting are very long and needs a lot of back and forth. Research has revealed that most sales person tend to be hard and stubborn, which end up driving customers away. Over expectation in the business may cause frustrations due to the existence of risks and uncertainties.

Sometimes huge companies fail due to lack of understanding that when a customer downloads a content upgrade from the website does not automatically qualify them as leads.  It is wise to do the follow-ups with them without expecting much from them.

  • Limiting Sales to Just Phone and Emails

Literally, phone and email are not the most effective and fastest channels to reach and respond to the customers. Creating a comprehensive sales channel by being a social learner that perhaps include customers’ interaction with the business website, product marketers, live chat agents, social media pages, and online advertisements may lead to integrated customer experience.

Establishing SEO link building services can help to expand sales as it involves the process of getting other websites to link back to your business website.

  • Keeping it One-to-One

B2B sales cycles are longer and complicated due to a large number of people involved in a purchase decision. As a result, smartest sales representatives know the fastest way to close a sale is to discover a way to the right clients in the deal. Connecting with critical decision-makers is the key to maintaining a great deal. Incorporating experts to communicate to customers helps them to engage with the product and understanding your offerings better.

  • Never Asking for the Sale

Numerous sales representatives lack confidence in asking the customers’ if they are going to purchase their products.

Asking for a sale is natural, and it is incomparable with asking to sign a contract. Wary salespeople can use various tactics such as asking for feedback on how the buying journey has been, and later propose for the next step if the customer provides positive feedback.


B2B sales are mostly perceived as being more challenging than other forms of sales due to its complexity and longevity in sales cycles. For this reason, high marketing skills are required to enable the business to survive in the marketplace.

The product marketing strategy enforced should influence the right customers to make a buying decision. Importantly, it is vital to research alternative manufacturers and product providers to keep in the truck with their performance in the market. Linking your business to social media helps to attract potential clients since it spreads information concerning the products and services available for sale.


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