Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing – Other names for ambush marketing are the coat tail marketing or the predatory ambushing. In this kind of marketing, a brand hijacks the advertisement campaign of another brand to raise awareness of their brand and proving how their brand is better than the other brand.

It is a kind of direct advertisement hijacking where one brand directly hijacks the promotional skills of the other brand for their benefit.

In ambush marketing, the consumers can understand very easily that one brand is trying to bring down the other brand through advertisement. It can be ethical or non ethical as well but it seems to work out for the brands in their favor. 

Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing
Ambush Marketing

Here is an example of ambush marketing to make it clear how it works.

Apple launched its one of the most talked about and looked forward tech product iPhone 45 back in 2011. It was a hyped event in the Apple store in Sydney Australia. To beat the marketing and sales of Apple, Samsung created a pop store just few steps away from the same Apple store where the event was going to be launched.

They created an ad that said, buy Samsung Galaxy SII device for just $2 Aus. This offer definitely did not lure every Apple lover but managed to cut down Apple’s sale a lot than they expected.

Ambush marketing can really help the brands to be there without being unethical. This practice by Samsung was not entirely unethical as it did not directly comment on Apple. If done cleverly, it can really be helpful.

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing campaigns can also go off script if they do not look, feel, and be the same on all the platforms they are at.

This is something to take care about this kind of marketing. Ambush marketing can also change user’s perception and has enough power to change their final buying decision. 

Though some disadvantages of the marketing says that it is quite expensive, it can go really offensive and unethical if not done correctly, calculating the ROI by this marketing can be very difficult, and it can also be a trap where you can be trapped if you are not creative, safe, and innovative. 


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