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Alphabet Google

Alphabet Google – For those who are unaware, Alphabet is the new company created by Google and it has occupied all the things that were currently run by Google. It is the new parent company of Google’s other owned companies like Nest and it can be called as the conglomerate or the holding company.

The objective behind creating the Alphabet Google is to let Google be focused on its actual work while Alphabet Google can expand on new things and areas. The Google will still remain the owner of search, YouTube, android, maps, ads, and apps.

This change of Google to bring in the Alphabet Google is done to make sure that Google does not have any kind of burden to explain how everything fits into Google and to let Google work effectively in its genre. It can do its original work that it is designed for and still have the control of another company that does all the jobs Google want but as a separate identity.

What is Alphabet Google

Alphabet Google

Alphabet Google is run by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Alphabet Google is actually a collection of companies. The largest of all these companies is obviously Google. The new Google has become a bit of slimmed out because a lot of things have gone under the control of Alphabet.

Alphabet has replaced Google as the traded entity and all the shares of Google are converted to Alphabet Stock. However, it will still be known as GOOG or GOOGL.

What is Alphabet Google

The part of the things that went to Alphabet are Calico (the folks who want you to live forever), Fiber (the high speed internet), Google ventures (venture capital business), Google, Google X (Google glass, internet by balloon, moonshots, and auto driving cars), Google Capital (investment fund), Life Sciences (the glucose sensing contact lens people), and Nest (smoke alarms, thermostats, home cameras, and connected home devices).

This is a major change brought by Google in the market. The management structure of Google has changed too post this. Alphabet Google brings enough change in the market of internet in various ways.


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