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Adword Google Certification

For digital marketers, it is important to have an Adword Google Certification. It is an important credential for the digital marketers. To use the Google ads in day to day professional work, it is important to have some professional level certifications and the Google adword certification is one of them.

Adword Google Certification
Adword Google Certification

The Google Ads certification is a process by which Google recognizes marketers as experts in online advertising. One has to pass two ads certification exams, the person gets a personalised certificate and if it is affiliated with a company then it contributes to Google partner credentials.

Adword Google Certification

This programme has evolved over the years. This certification has become a minimum requirement even for entry-level search marketing roles for agencies and corporations lately. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to get the Adword Google Certification. 

#1 Start with creating or selecting a Google account

You have to create an account with your gmail account and if you get it through an organisation then you have to use your work email address. It can be the Gmail account or any Google account. If you already have an account, you just need to select it. 

#2 Join the academy for Ads

If you have multiple Google accounts then you need to choose only one Google account and log out of all the other Google accounts to keep away all kinds of confusion away.

Adword Google Certification
Adword Google Certification

After logging in for the certification, you have to visit go to Academy for Ads. Now go to the ‘Get started now’ button. Agree to the terms and conditions. If you are a Google partner affiliated company click yes or else no. 

#3 Connect with the Google Partners

This is optional and in this step you have to connect your individual account with the company for the credit towards other benefits. You will have to update your profile for this. 

#4 Prepare for exams

All of the training content as well as the assessments themselves in the “Google Ads” can be found in the tab from the Academy for Ads home page dashboard.

#5 Pass all the Exams

You need to pass the fundamental exams and then pass one additional exam. Your assessment test would lead you giving the main certificate. 


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