Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages – In this present time, mobile is rising dominantly. According to many websites, more than 48% of devices browsing the Internet are mobile devices. This statistics show us that mobile users are crucial nowadays.

Hence, If you want to stay at the top you should know about tools which can improve the web experience of mobile users.

One of them is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is accelerated mobile pages that are faster to load as these are based on Google’s open source project as it cuts down on the HTML coding to present the content that’s only needed for the viewers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages

It is an open-source framework that allows developers to create mobile pages that load content at high speed. It consists of a watered-down version of HTML code known as AMP HTML which helps to load the pages faster including heavy content files such as PDFs, infographics, video files etc. AMP helps you bridge this gap by boosting your site speed and mobile user experience.

Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages

The main advantage of AMP is that the  users will enjoy a website that loads almost instantly on phones because its content is optimized and served directly via Google’s servers.

Due to the high speed of AMP, it improves your website SEO ranking, since load time is an important factor for SEO.

Disadvantages of AMP

  • since ads are supported by AMP, their implementation is somewhat different, which requires developers to learn and develop the website correctly.
  • Your servers might see less load, but that is only because AMP is hosted by Google,
  • The page load speed is great, but it’s affected by the cache provided by Google and is highly reliant on that mechanism, whether you like it or not.

3 ways how AMP can be used to improve SEO ranking:

1) Quick website loading time:

The most obvious benefit of AMP is the quick rendering of websites for mobile users. Today, majority users access a company’s website through their mobile devices. Hence it is very important to keep the website abandonment rates of mobile users under check.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Users hate websites that take too long to load. With AMP, unnecessary elements are skipped and the main content is loaded instantly within 1.5 seconds.

3) Better server performance and Improved User Experience

There can be sometimes when your website faces a down-time issue because of excessive load on your server. This can cost you a huge dip in website visitors and page sessions. AMP helps to reduce this stress on the server as it loads the pages quickly.

5) Increased user reach and content distribution

In today’s fast-paced environment, there is immense pressure and competition to appear on the top. With Accelerated Mobile Pages, websites can distribute their content to a larger audience as Google displays AMP powered pages as carousel formats and are also more visually appealing. This automatically improves the user traction on these pages.

Thus, the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are many with proven benefits seen in SEO. Google has happily embraced this technology and is rewarding websites that are soon following suite. If you have a requirement to develop AMP pages for your website, then just drop us a quick message with your requirements.


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